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What Came My Way Series

I participated in a challenge from Var Gallery to create 30 pieces in 30 days. The challenge prompted me to take my small mix media work more seriously. I continue to return to this small format [I'm now well pass 500] grouping them in ever changing arrangements. I find it very liberating to work so small. I'm able to flesh out new ideas and experiment with materials and processes.


Participatory Installation 

Touch is not often one of our senses we use when viewing art. Selections from the ongoing series What Came My Way enables viewers to do just that. This participatory installation comprises of 100 6”x 6” interchangeable pieces, encouraging viewers to experience the surfaces first hand by allowing them to rearrange the pieces and construct their own compositions. My intention is to heighten the public's art experience by moving beyond a spectator mode to one of co-creator.

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